Using fruity taste olive oil helps you lose weight.

The use of extra virgin olive oil slows obesity: the results of research conducted by the University of Portici (Department of Agriculture) promise to arouse much interest, on the extraordinary qualities of extra virgin olive oil of high quality with respect to the sense of satiety. According to this research, conducted by prof. Raffaele Sacchi, consume before main meals a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, raw and with a strong taste, decreases the amount of food you assume otherwise, greatly increasing the sense of satiety, so less appetite, less food and therefore more health.


According to these researchers, the secret of this discovery is in fruity and herbaceous taste of the extra virgin olive oil.

In fact, a high quality extra virgin olive oil, highly rich in oleic acid, is able to increase the level of oleiletanolammide (chemical messenger in the first tract of the small intestine) that, when administered as a drug, reduces appetite, lowers the levels of blood cholesterol and causes weight loss.
Source: Corriere della Sera (15th April, 2015)