OUR products


  • Senses

    The PHVLIA food products are meticulously controlled from the outset and only the best are sent for packaging after passing a strict quality control visual and olfactory.

  • Service

    The PHVLIA food products maintain freshness of agricultural products freshly picked because they are packed within 12 hours, and are shipped anywhere in the world with the best carriers.

  • Security

    The PHVLIA food products are guaranteed by the best raw materials for which we provide a detailed laboratory certification that also certifies the absence of harmful substances.

  • Health

    All PHVLIA food products are particularly recommended for controlled diets and health. With PHVLIA food products the nature is the best medicine!

  • History

    Our methods of cultivation and processing respect the origins of the culinary heritage of Salento already envied by the Crusaders passed through the Middle East.